Our Schools

Our Schools

All schools in The Skylark Partnership Multi Academy Trust are valued for their distinct offer and individuality to meet the needs of pupils with medical need in their communities.

Whilst the Trust has overarching policies and procedures, each Head teacher and Local Governing Body are empowered to make the decisions for their children and young people, meaning there is as small a distance as possible between a child and a decision made which will affect them.

Each school has its own admissions policy, which is available on the schools website, for your convenience a direct link can be found below.

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Our Schools

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Delapre Learning Centre, Northampton, NN4 8EN, United Kingdom
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Our Vision is to Provide access to personalised education and lifelong learning for pupils and young people with medical and mental health needs, accepting the whole child and providing hope to them and their family for an optimistic future, enabling them to make progress and achieve their full potential.

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