Joining us as a Trust

Joining us as a Trust

In the recent Government White Paper, Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child’ (DfE, 2022), there is a clear direction to move all schools into strong academy trusts, in order to create a stronger and fairer schools system. 

Here at The Skylark Partnership, we strongly believe that as a specialist trust for pupils with medical needs, we are a strong family of schools that provides the best environment for any child with medical or mental health difficulties to thrive. Our experience and expertise in the sector means that we are well placed to understand the personalised and holistic approach to education required for each child, and the challenges of teaching a child in any hospital setting. Our staff have access to specialist professional development and support to help them be the best they can be, and there are many opportunities for collaboration and sharing of best practice across the Trust and nationally. 

Our Trust operates a system of local advisory boards that are set up to ensure that the needs of local children are met within their local communities. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ trust – we believe that local schools need the autonomy to be able to provide the most appropriate curriculum for their cohorts and meet the needs of the local education landscape. These boards are well supported by a passionate board of trustees and members who have been selected for their skills, expertise and knowledge of the complexities of our sector. 

Choosing the right Trust for a school is not an easy task, and can generate many sleepless nights for Headteachers and Governors. Why not have a look at our FAQs document, which may answer some of the questions that are troubling you about joining a Trust. You can find the document here.  You can find out more about our vision and values, and hear from our Chair of Trustees and CEO in our publication here:- 



The Skylark Partnership offers a Trust that really understands the challenges of working in our highly specialised sector with the most vulnerable children in our communities. 

If you would like to know more about the Skylark Partnership and are interested in joining us, please contact Jim Bowyer, the CEO on or                            Tel : 07415 046911.


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Our Vision is to Provide access to personalised education and lifelong learning for pupils and young people with medical and mental health needs, accepting the whole child and providing hope to them and their family for an optimistic future, enabling them to make progress and achieve their full potential.

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