All employees, volunteers and governors of The Skylark Partnership Trust place the safeguarding of children and young people in paramount importance. We understand our legal duties as per the Children Act (1989 & 2004); Education Act (2002) Section 175; Keeping Children Safe in Education; and Working Together to Safeguarding Children

As part of our approach to ensuring that strong, effective governance is in place, we have a named Trustee for Safeguarding: Nicci Marzec

As the majority of our pupils are dual registered with their home school, the DSLs from our academies work closely with the homeschool DSL. If one of our pupils is in one of our hospital settings, we work with the health trust DSL. This dual registration can lead to an additional layer of complexity to our safeguarding work, so it is important that we work in close partnership and collaboration with other professionals and partners.

Statutory policies

Policy in respect of safeguarding and child protection is determined at Trust and local authority level. It is the responsibility of each school to personalise and implement such policy. Each individual school is responsible for ensuring compliance with its Local Safeguarding Children’s Board procedures and policies and for publishing its own safeguarding and child protection policy in line with statutory requirements.

You can find the individual academy policies on their websites:

  • Cherry Tree Learning Centre here,
  • Hospital and Outreach AP Academy here

Other relevant guidance:

How do we ensure that safeguarding is robust across the trust?

Our named trustee for safeguarding works through the Teaching and Learning committee of the trust board to ensure that local advisory board governors for safeguarding are working effectively with each of the academies Designated Safeguarding Leads. This enables our children and young people to be safeguarded from harm and abuse, and where concerns arise, these are dealt with swiftly and professionally

Annually, the safeguarding trustee will summarise all of the assurance activity which has taken place during the previous academic year and determine if they feel suitably assured of the controls in place across the MAT. Their findings will be presented to the board and the report displayed on the website.

The CEO acts as the trusts DSL


Annual Safeguarding Assurance Statement 2021-2022


The Skylark Partnership Trust Board Assurance Map – Safeguarding



  • DSL(s) are supported by LSCB forums and training and Trust commissioned supervision half termly.
  • HTs performance manage lead DSLs and use independent safeguarding consultant and Section 175 audit outcomes and stakeholder feedback to inform the process.
  • LABs receive termly safeguarding reports using standard reports from My Concern,
  • LAB safeguarding governor reviewed reports from any audits and feedback from stakeholders in their enquiry work, including any learning from safeguarding incidents.
  • Report from CEO to Teaching and Learning Committee about safeguarding assurances, and any learning from incidents.
  • Safeguarding trustee meets head teachers annually to get a sense of formal reporting and procedures.
  • Safeguarding trustee produces the annual statement of assurance for safeguarding to be accepted by the board at the September Trustee meeting.


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