MAT Collaborative School Improvement Framework

MAT Collaborative School Improvement Framework

TSP recognises that our improvement strategy will never be static, but will be constantly evolving to meet the needs of our pupils and their medical/mental health needs, alongside our relentless drive for higher standards. We recognise that particularly in our sector this will require creativity, innovation, transparency, flexibility, energy and the ability to be reflective, all within the ever decreasing funding available. The TSP will be brave in seeking new opportunities and taking measured risks. We recognise we may not always get it right, but will seek to learn from all of our experiences, take into account the views of all of our stakeholders, particularly our pupils, and move on to create better solutions.

Our improvement strategy sets out how TSP will work with all settings within the trust and the principles that underpin it. We recognise that we are at the start of the development of the trust, and methods for improvement that we use to develop and mature may change over time. Overarching all of this is our desire to achievement equality of opportunity for pupils with medical and mental health needs, and enable them to meet their potential, despite their health challenges. We want The Skylark Partnership be ‘beyond outstanding’.

The accepted norm for all schools in The Skylark Partnership is that provision is at least good, and is constantly moving forward to be better.

The Teaching and Learning Committee of the Trust Board oversees progress made within our improvement framework, alongside the scrutiny and challenge provided by individual academy Local Advisory Bodies.

A link to the Collaborative School Improvement Framework can be found here :- CSIF

Our school improvement work is supported by our external school improvement partner, Emma Hollis. Emma is a Challenge Partner lead reviewer with extensive experience in supporting schools, including those in our sector, on their school improvement journey.


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