The Skylark Partnership Trust won the NASEN 2022 Award for Technology for the Av1 project.
You can find out more about the AV1 project here :-

We are proud that our CFO won the Business Manager of the year award in the 2022 Northamptonshire Education Awards. The recognition of the work done over the past year by Sue and the rest of the trust team is greatly appreciated.

The Skylark Partnership was founded in 2017, with the medical alternative provision, Hospital and Outreach Education (Northamptonshire) being the first in the trust. It is the first trust in the country for pupils with medical needs.

The vision for The Skylark Partnership is:

Provide access to personalised education and lifelong learning for pupils and young people with medical and mental health needs, accepting the whole child and providing hope to them and their family for an optimistic future, enabling them to make progress and achieve their full potential.

Together we can.


  • Our learners and their families are at the centre of what we do; empowered to learn and achieve; valued within our and their communities as visible, resilient, active and responsible citizens.
  • Our employees and partners are passionate about being the best that they can be; providing opportunities for enriched learning and pathways to employment and independence.
  • Our Trust is relentlessly focused on improvement; it values and celebrates success and builds partnerships to develop personalised provision with and for those we serve.

 For more information about the Ethical Leadership Framework, please visit


For more information about the work undertaken by the trust as part of the Ethical Leadership pathfinder project, you can read the case study of The Skylark Partnership on page 21 of the final report, ‘Paving the way in ethical leadership in education’


Quote from Cath Kitchen “It doesn’t matter if it’s me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a person from the street. Whoever comes into this role, this is the way of working, and if you don’t buy into it then you won’t survive. Embedding the framework with the trustees and staff, can create a school environment where the leadership and staff feel that their own values align with ours and how that would shape their leadership style for the future”.


You can also listen to Cath Kitchen talking about the trust work on ethical leadership  was also part of a National Governance Association podcast ‘Governing Natters’ 


Our mission is to create a family of exceptional schools for children and young people with medical needs, where each is unique and distinctive, sharing the same values and ethos.

The Skylark Partnership seeks to uphold the values and virtues of ethical education by ‘doing the right thing’  through honesty, integrity and transparency. We try to use the Ethical Leadership Framework in everything we do.


These are the core values of The Skylark Partnership and all of our academies. Any APs or hospital schools wishing to join the trust will need to be able to demonstrate the same values that the trust exhibits.









We will not be able to deliver on any of our core principles unless we have the following characteristics which form the basis of our trust improvement plan.
  • Inspirational leadership and management
  • High quality teaching
  • Safe and happy settings
  • Supportive and nurturing staff
  • Partnerships which benefit the pupil outcomes
  • Opportunities to learn together

The Skylark Partnership (TSP) was created with the intent to improve outcomes for children and young people who are too unwell to access education in their normal settings and require additional support either in a hospital setting or other alternative provision. With the needs of our pupils and their families at the centre of our planning, we can use our shared expertise in working with pupils with medical needs to share best practice and develop our teaching and support strategies further.

TSP believes that we can provide the leadership and direction for partner schools and academies within our localities through training and development in the best practice in support pupils with medical and mental health needs at school. We also plan to work collaboratively with other providers of hospital education across the country though our national networking activities, particularly in the area of research into best practice in this sector which is not well evidenced at the present time. This will support our ambition to provide the best educational support for pupils with medical and mental health needs who are admitted to our hospital settings or supported in the community.

TSP recognises that our improvement strategy will never be static, but will be constantly evolving to meet the needs of our pupils and their medical/mental health needs, alongside our relentless drive for higher standards. We recognise that particularly in our sector this will require creativity, innovation, transparency, flexibility, energy and the ability to be reflective, all within the ever decreasing funding available. TSP will be brave in seeking new opportunities and taking measured risks. We recognise we may not always get it right, but will seek to learn from all of our experiences, take into account the views of all of our stakeholders, particularly our pupils, and move on to create better solutions.

Our website holds key information about the Trust and has links to all our schools and settings. Please feel free to explore our web pages and learn more about us.

If you have any queries or questions or you want to make contact, then please use our contact page to contact our Executive Head Teacher, Cath Kitchen.

The Story of our Logo


The three birds (skylark silhouettes) are to represent the other counties over which the Skylark Partnership spans as well as Northamptonshire.

The different colours signify the diversity of the hospital settings and that all are welcome.

The shadows of the bird represent the learning pathway that we as children and young people take with the help of The Skylark Partnership.

The pastel colours show calm and serenity, the green meaning safety, the blue meaning calm the yellow stands out to draw people in and to make the logo memorable and the pink suggests a caring environment.

I chose to write the ‘SKYLARK PARTNERSHIP’ in a grey because it is less harsh than black text. It goes well with the pastel tones.

Hello, my name is Eve and I am 17 years old. I have struggled with my mental health for a number of years which is how I came to work with the staff from Hospital and Outreach Education. They supported and guided me whilst designing the logo and worked with me to help me produce my winning design. Graphic design has always been a passion of mine so when the opportunity to design the Skylark Partnership arose, I was excited to take the opportunity. When I found out my logo had been chosen, I was thrilled. It really boosted my confidence as a designer. Hopefully, as a result of winning this competition, more opportunities to design will arise in the future.

Eve Pritchard

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Our Vision is to Provide access to personalised education and lifelong learning for pupils and young people with medical and mental health needs, accepting the whole child and providing hope to them and their family for an optimistic future, enabling them to make progress and achieve their full potential.

Together we can

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